A New Low: Romney Accuses Obama of Murder

Murderer in Chief

Proving Democrat assertions that Romney will sink to any depth to besmirch our beloved leader, a new Romney TV commercial accuses Obama of murder. In this disgusting ad, Romney prostitutes an unwitting laid-off steel worker to claim his wife died as a result of the Obama depression. Seems she got cancer and had no money to go the hospital because of Obama’s destructive economic policies. The only conclusion that can be drawn is Obama killed the poor the woman as surely as if he personally beat her to death with a baseball bat.

Update: The commercial is actually the other way around. Obama accuses Romney of murdering the cancer ridden woman through an evil Bain deal even tho Romney wasn’t working for Bain when the poor dupe lost his job. But it’s the Obama campaign saying it so of course it’s okay and not questioned by the media. See the disgusting spectacle HERE. Don’t let the hypocrisy hit you in the ass on your way out.

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Kathy Griffin Calls Obama’s Teenage Daughter Malia A “Dirty Whore” and “Future Porn Star”

Hilarious and beautiful comedian Kathy Griffin attacked the Obama family during her comedy special which aired on Bravo, July 26, 2012. The audience was especially delighted by her clever observations about Obama’s teenage daughter Malia Ann Obama. Calling her a “dirty whore” and “future porn star” the audience erupted in laughter and Bravo President of Original Programming, Andy Cohen, reportedly choked on his buck-teeth from laughing so hard. Watch the drop-dead gorgeous Kathy Griffin put Malia in her place in this painfully hilarious clip: LINK

UPDATE: Kathy was actually talking about Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter Willow instead of Obama’s teenage daughter Malia. We apologize for any enlightenment this error may have caused.

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